Remote control Hobbies are one of the fastest growing hobbies that give great fun. Nowadays, there are a variety of RC models are available in the market, include RC model airplanes, boats, helicopters, trains, cars, tanks, rockets and more. 

When we were child, we always imaged fly to the sky and had a race with friends. Now, with these RC model toys, one can able to participate in simulated warfare and can win from his/her competitor. 

Radio controlled toys are based on radio control technology. It is the use of radio signals to remotely control a device. By using a receiver, this transmitter communicates with the toy.

As a growing hobby across the globe, we may always face the problem: what type of Radio Controlled toy I wish to add to my RC hobby collection? It is up to the individual to decide which type of toy whether it is a boat, helicopter, airplane, car, or truck suits him/her. 

Airplanes come in various sizes and shapes ranging from small flyers to gas turbine driven aerobatic models. The models can be tethered to a fixed pole via rope, or can be free flying models.

Helicopters were used mainly indoors due to the small size and lack of smoke and smell of fumes. Nowadays, larger electric helicopters suitable for outdoor flight have become very popular. They are low noise and much more interesting to fly.

RC tank is one of the well-known table top tanks as it is simple and affordable. The best radio controlled tanks can able to move forward and backward along with a complete 360-degree turn.

RC boat was the first toy to be remote controlled. Recent years, many different types and sizes of remote control boats are available to the public worldwide. 

RC cars come in various sizes and shapes and can also be fuel driven or electrically powered. A gas powered radio control car is normally a car that runs on a two-stroke motor. RC car races are common for the radio controlled model hobbyists even a child.

The fun of having these kinds of RC model comes with responsibility as well. So take care and enjoy the thrills, which all of these Radio Controlled Toys have to offer!

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