Cycling is not only the most environmentally friendly and fitness walking tool, but also becomes a great life way which welcomed more and more young people. Of course, there cannot be without the riding friends like to ride at night, so it is very important to have a security bicycle light for these bicycle hobbyists.

Actually, when each one of us stepped on cycling, that not only changed our life habits, but also have a better physical and mentality for us, and more importantly, from the city bike model we have see a more friendly and sustainable urban lifestyle out of the "car hegemony". has published several types of bicycle lights for the riders driving at night, you can install them into your bike and have a good guide for you when you driving in darkness.

Designed with super brightness 1400LM headlamp is equipment for the professional rider who likes to drive in darkness. This bike light can be switched into three levels like weak brightness, middle brightness and strong brightness. And it can offer power continuing for 4-5 hours, and also can be used under water. No matter in a rainy day or a sunny day, you can also drive it everywhere. This bicycle light is easy to install for you, and the special price of £62.00 it has won great praise by many bicycle enthusiasts.

Newly arrived Cree T6 bike lamp 1200LM high brightness light is a light made with metal and magnesium alloy material. It cannot only show strong brightness for you, but also has a function of blinking to work as a warning for other people to see you easily.

While only with a headlamp is not enough, a diamond tail lamp is also very important for the riders. The tail lamp does not require a strong brightness. It is always used as an installation of warning. You can press the button to control the light of laser or LED lights.


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