Cycling is not only the most environmentally friendly and fitness walking tool, but also becomes a great life way which welcomed more and more young people. Of course, there cannot be without the riding friends like to ride at night, so it is very important to have a security bicycle light for these bicycle hobbyists.

Actually, when each one of us stepped on cycling, that not only changed our life habits, but also have a better physical and mentality for us, and more importantly, from the city bike model we have see a more friendly and sustainable urban lifestyle out of the "car hegemony". has published several types of bicycle lights for the riders driving at night, you can install them into your bike and have a good guide for you when you driving in darkness.

Designed with super brightness 1400LM headlamp is equipment for the professional rider who likes to drive in darkness. This bike light can be switched into three levels like weak brightness, middle brightness and strong brightness. And it can offer power continuing for 4-5 hours, and also can be used under water. No matter in a rainy day or a sunny day, you can also drive it everywhere. This bicycle light is easy to install for you, and the special price of £62.00 it has won great praise by many bicycle enthusiasts.

Newly arrived Cree T6 bike lamp 1200LM high brightness light is a light made with metal and magnesium alloy material. It cannot only show strong brightness for you, but also has a function of blinking to work as a warning for other people to see you easily.

While only with a headlamp is not enough, a diamond tail lamp is also very important for the riders. The tail lamp does not require a strong brightness. It is always used as an installation of warning. You can press the button to control the light of laser or LED lights.

Almost everyone these days has a shopping experience online. Either feels disappointed or happy. If you would like to find some great items for your RC models, or any other electronics then think about shopping online at the mBuyNow store.

What is mBuyNow? is an online store provides radio control accessories and other consumer electronics like smart phone, LED light, laser pointer and radio to worldwide. Everyone can buy the same product in the same price. mBuyNow respects their customers, everyone can share, comment on, and rate their service and products as well as share content through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
mBuyNow hold the spirit of “Made for You, Buy for You, New for You” to meet their customers.

The website is and you will be able to find any gadget that you want to have. Currently, there are over three hundreds products available for purchase. In the future, wide range brands and products will be added. mBuyNow is stick to your RC hobby store but they also launch some happy deals with low cost to gift consumers.  

Once you place an order, they will dispatch within 24-48 hours. Generally, you order will be shipped from UK or DE. But if your destination is closer HK, China, then your order will be shipped from their HK warehouse. Furthermore, there are many shipping methods are provided by mBuyNow, all they do is just want to short your waiting time.

This site is great because you can find these great deals sorted by radio control hobbies, Flashlight & LED light, laser pointer, radio receiver, cell phone, games & toys or by typing in few keywords into the search bar.

In the past few months, mBuyNow team work hardly to make it really easy to find the one that you might like at the webpage. It is so easy to use and they have a very secure payment site. When you search for your favorite it really only takes a minute before you can start enjoying your purchase. 

If you have any problems with it make sure that you go on the contact section on this site and get in touch with them. One of their customer service reps will be able to help you with your issue. Feel free to sent your email to or leave your message on their Facebook page

There is no doubt that most of mBuyNow products are sale at very cheap prices. As a RC hobby store, it always suit users’ needs. After launching online shopping platform, mBuyNow has speed up the development of new products.

Today, mBuyNow announces they have launched save money program to help users to save more while get their favorite items.

"Having more save money program available allows us to continue our commitment to offer consumers with affordable, high-quality products," said co-founder and CEO of  The release of their save money program should help consumers have a happy shopping. “We are pleased to bright out this program and striving to provide the superior service".

So as a user, what can we get benefit for this program.

The owner of mBuyNow said, “This time we bring out four save money program, include become mBuyNow member to get free gifts and 100 mBuyNow points, upload video to get 5 pounds discount coupon and 15 mBuyNow points, share and rewards and FREE SHIPPING”. mBuyNow owner continute, ”Our mBuyNow points have a great value. Users can redeem their points towards future purchases and SAVE! Spend 50 points to save GBP £1”.

For more information, please copy the following link on your browser 

Recently, Google has released new tracking code analytics.js. It is an evolution of Google Analytics. Most website owners will be excited to this big change. The analytics is more flexible than the old one, users can custom parameters easily. Not only tracking your website, but also mobile apps, almost any other device as well.

As Google said, “The analytics.js snippet is part of Universal Analytics, which is currently in public beta. New users should use analytics.js. Existing ga.js users should create a new web property for analytics.js and dual tag their site. It is perfectly safe to include both ga.js and analytics.js snippets on the same page”.

A few minutes ago, I just copy this tracking code to my site:

  (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

  ga('create', 'UA-40687744-1', '');
  ga('send', 'pageview');

I am looking forward to seeing the new version of data analysis. Unfortunately, Google will take few hours to get the real data. So don’t worry about that if you’re told “not install the tracking code”. That is normal. For the last version of Google analytics, I faced the same problem and waited for almost three days. But it solved at last. Thanks god.

From the Google development center, we can get the following information:

Once you’ve added the tag to your site you should start to see data in the Real Time reports. Google Analytics processes data about every 4 hours. So the standard reports will be populated about 4 hours after the code is installed. But it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for data to appear.
Using the basic tag you’ll get a lot of data including:
 Page Tracking
 Event Tracking
 Ecommerce Tracking
 Social Interaction
 User Timings
 Custom Dimensions & Metrics
 Domains & Cookies

If you do decide to use the new tracking code, don’t forget to copy analytics.js snippets on your page.

For more information, please visit Google develops center.

Remote control Hobbies are one of the fastest growing hobbies that give great fun. Nowadays, there are a variety of RC models are available in the market, include RC model airplanes, boats, helicopters, trains, cars, tanks, rockets and more. 

When we were child, we always imaged fly to the sky and had a race with friends. Now, with these RC model toys, one can able to participate in simulated warfare and can win from his/her competitor. 

Radio controlled toys are based on radio control technology. It is the use of radio signals to remotely control a device. By using a receiver, this transmitter communicates with the toy.

As a growing hobby across the globe, we may always face the problem: what type of Radio Controlled toy I wish to add to my RC hobby collection? It is up to the individual to decide which type of toy whether it is a boat, helicopter, airplane, car, or truck suits him/her. 

Airplanes come in various sizes and shapes ranging from small flyers to gas turbine driven aerobatic models. The models can be tethered to a fixed pole via rope, or can be free flying models.

Helicopters were used mainly indoors due to the small size and lack of smoke and smell of fumes. Nowadays, larger electric helicopters suitable for outdoor flight have become very popular. They are low noise and much more interesting to fly.

RC tank is one of the well-known table top tanks as it is simple and affordable. The best radio controlled tanks can able to move forward and backward along with a complete 360-degree turn.

RC boat was the first toy to be remote controlled. Recent years, many different types and sizes of remote control boats are available to the public worldwide. 

RC cars come in various sizes and shapes and can also be fuel driven or electrically powered. A gas powered radio control car is normally a car that runs on a two-stroke motor. RC car races are common for the radio controlled model hobbyists even a child.

The fun of having these kinds of RC model comes with responsibility as well. So take care and enjoy the thrills, which all of these Radio Controlled Toys have to offer!